Why Use Us!

Business Partners Group was founded with the goal of helping small and midsize distributors and manufacturers align their technology investment with their business strategy. Our team has a variety of backgrounds in ERP implementations, operations, manufacturing, process management and optimization, and experience from the F500 to the SMB arena.

There is a significant amount of work when selecting a new ERP system; there is research, meetings, demos, discussions, site visits, ROI promises and the commitment. Once you have made your selection, the work isn't over!!! This is when the work begins. Implementing a new solution over the same processes won't help you reach your organizational goals.

During implementation, we spend time with your team to understand in depth what your organizational goals are, and help you understand how the technology will help you achieve those goals. In other words, we help you align your goals with your technology. Is this what your competitors are doing? Could this put you one, two or three steps ahead of your competition?

Through our solutions and services, Business Partners Group will help YOUR business raise top line revenue and increase profits!!

Personalized Demo

Curious?  Interested in how Open Systems Traverse can impact your business?  Join us every Thursday at 11:00 AM CST for a demo of Traverse.

Email demo@businesspartnersgroup.com for login instructions.

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